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CPR AED Wilderness First Aid Training Package

Wilderness Combo Package

About 18 hours of training intended for everyone new to adventuring. Whether an emergency occurs in an urban environment or out in the wilds, this course will prepare you to take action by combining Adult CPR, AED, and Wilderness & Remote First Aid training from the Red Cross.

See our Combo Course for details.

Wilderness First Aid Training

Wilderness & Remote First Aid Training

Red Cross training accepted by Boy Scouts of America for high adventure participant safety. Two days of intense skill training to prepare you to prevent, assess, and care for injuries and illness in a delayed help environment.

Scout leaders, guides, summer camp staff, high school mountain bike coaches, and Minnesota explorers receive our training each year to help prepare for their adventures in the outdoors.
See our Wilderness First Aid Course for details.

Adult CPR AED First Aid Training

CPR AED Basic First Aid Training

Red Cross training for those adventurers that are within phone coverage of advanced support. Full Adult CPR skills, use of AEDs, and Basic First Aid to assess and treat injuries and illness that occur in your community. If you don't need wilderness certification for your job or volunteer work, this approximately 7 hour day of training will get you ready.

See our Basic First Aid Course for details.

Adult CPR AED Training

Adult CPR AED Training

Learn the full CPR and AED skills to help in a cardiac emergency. Using Red Cross curriculum, you'll learn how to save a life when cardiac emergencies happen.

See our Adult CPR AED Course for details.

Leave No Trace Training

Outdoor Ethics Training

Prepare your group to minimize their impact on the land when you head out on adventures.
Leave No Trace is an ongoing effort to improve our care of the wilds we explore. As more people every year enjoy the outdoors, the skills and mindfulness we take with us become increasingly important.

Learn how to enjoy your backpacking, canoeing, camping, ... trips by attending this free workshop, and leave the places you visit beautiful for those that come after you.

See our Outdoors Ethics Workshop for details.

Ultralight Backpacking Training

Lightweight Backpacking

Take a few minutes to learn how to lighten the load you carry by improving your skills, changing your mindset, and using different equipment.

This free workshop is a whirlwind presentation covering dozens of tips and bits of advice that have proven helpful over thousands of miles of backpacking. Pick and choose the bits that make sense to you, and you may grow to accept others as your adventures take you farther.

See our Lightweight Backpacking Workshop for details.

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