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Red Cross Wilderness and Remote First Aid

certification training classes.

Wilderness first aid is useful for more than just wilderness environments. Any time you find yourself faced with a situation out of phone coverage, or where advanced care will take a long time to arrive, these extended first aid skills may help you keep someone alive. This may be a car wreck on a remote highway, a fishing accident along a river, a stumble while hiking, an illness at deer camp, or many other possible scenarios.

This Red Cross WRFA class covers a wide range of topics, including abdominal illness, altitude illness, anaphylaxis, breaks, burns, infection, head injuries, heart attack, heat stroke, hypothermia, shock, spinal injuries, submersions, and wounds. But, the first thing learned is a process on how to manage every situation. By knowing the process, steps are the same for anything you may encounter and your confidence increases.
Each individual injury and illness topic is discussed along the lines of recognition, prevention, assessment, and treatment. Simple skills, such as stopping bleeding and splinting an arm, are learned and then used as part of a larger process in scenarios.
Participants consistently remark on how engaging the high activity level of the training is. We're usually very busy practicing skills, and students playing the roles of patients, rescuers, and leaders keeps everyone on their toes.

This official Red Cross course is presented by an authorized provider.
Training sessions can be taught at your facility in the Minnesota area. Contact Me to set up a training session for your people, or to host a public session.

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Successful completion of a course results in a 2-year Red Cross Wilderness & Remote First Aid certification. View the Pocket Guide (PDF) for course topics.

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