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Lightweight Backpacking Workshop

Carrying less weight lets us travel farther and faster, with more enjoyment and less effort.

Drawing from the experience of backpacking thousands of miles, this free presentation offers more advice than you can possibly remember. The goal is to introduce backpackers to ways they can reduce the weight on their back while staying safe and comfortable. You may not be ready to drill holes in your titanium spork, or wipe with leafs instead of toilet paper - neither am I! But there are hundreds of other ways to easily, and inexpensively, lower the weight you carry.

It's possible to reduce weight by spending a lot of money, for example just purchasing the latest item that is 5 grams lighter than the one you already have. But, it's also possible to reduce weight and save money, for example by making some gear yourself. By setting up a session of this presentation, you'll get to decide which topics to try and which to set aside.

There will be a lot of options on gear presented, but also a lot of ways skill and knowledge can replace gear.

This workshop is not scheduled for the public, so please Contact Me to set up a workshop for your group of 6 or more.

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